Sunday, June 4, 2017

A pocket of paradise - Lamma Island

The most idyllic getaway while it lasted. Walks through banana plantations and bamboo groves, past graveyards and old clan houses. Common butterflies and vapour trails and bright blue skies framing barren beaches. 

Watching dogs roam the beach, swimming and dozing to the sound of waves crashing. Baths, iceblocks, and saying goodbye to a ferry etched in darkness - city lights twinkling on the shore. 

Another day filled with stories, lying on the sand - sun warming hearts. Wrinkly water fingers, day time naps, and salt kissed skin. 

And then now, seven days later, thinking about that time as a place you don't want to leave but can't stay. When you are so simply happy it makes you think that before you may have been not. When you think you can know someone for a second, and they can still break your heart - but really... you're just lost in the infatuation of it all and the impatience of the unknown. 

Turns out, sunshine and fresh air can do crazy things to the soul.


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