Sunday, June 11, 2017

I Heart Hong Kong

Hong Kong, the city I once kinda hated on...

I now love the pastel colour buildings filled with people and life. Tiny apartments looking over the city centre and the noise of urban living drifting through the night. Music competing with the hum of the air-conditioning and faint traffic noises and voices below. 

Ice-cream that melts before you can eat it, while being passed by tourists and office workers alike.

Negronis in a small bar, with terrible (but good) playlists to accompany terrible (but good) jokes. And late taxi rides that circle around futuristic expressways that feel like they are driving into the dead of the night.
And then in the daytime the laneways that lead to small neighbourhoods, filled with with street art and old ladies and bars and coffee shops and all that's good. Art galleries where you can make friends with strangers and feel right at home. Then dinner at a bar where you feel like a local, and kinda wished you were.

Then the train ride home dreaming of blue sky, sea breezes and early morning sun light. And the view of pastel high-rises with the harbour beyond.

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