Friday, October 9, 2015

Phnom Penh - what I did and how I did it

The first thing I did was hit up a friend who had lived in Phnom Penh some years ago. She sent me a great long email with lots of things to do, see, buy and eat. Plus I found my own things, so now you can hit me up here!

I stayed at Rambutan Resort:

It was a little out of the way, but after staying amongst it all on my last night back in town - my preference. Tucked away and quiet with a great pool, even better cocktails, good food and helpful staff.

Do get a tuk tuk driver for the day. Rambutan organised this for me and it was much easier and probably more cost effective to have someone on standby if you have limited time in town.

Aside from the sights I'd recommend shopping on street 240. I helped the Cambodian economy a lot in that little street.  There are also some great not for profit shops that help victims of people trafficking, filled with handmade wares and hope. 

Food options - dinner or lunch at Friends restaurant near the National Museum. Again an organisation worth frequenting given they are set up to train street kids in hospitality - plus the food is great. And while you are at that part of town, go back to street 240 for an iced coffee at The Shop. If you ever need a good baguette or breakfast, I'd say this is the your go to place. Down near the river? Have lunch at the Foreign Correspondence Club. Colonial vibe with good food and cocktails. Also worth going to is Malis for an authentic (albeit fancy) Khmer restaurant, but if you are travelling solo I'd pass on that. Not geared up for tables for one and inflexible about modifying portions given my lack of ability to share with my imaginary friend (who just wasn't feeling very hungry that night).

Want to read more? This is an excellent article:

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