Sunday, October 25, 2015

1930 cafe & wine, cocktail bar G to the Z

It isn't every bar that allows you to teach the bar staff how to make a Negroni.  While not too difficult to explain, given it's just a mix of three ingredients, the guys behind the bar couldn't hide their distain for such a concoction. Sometimes you don't need language skillz to know what someone is saying.

The drinks were good, the bar was the right amount of smokey and snug and dark. Vinyl floors, tapestry tablecloths, eclectic interior - I will definitely be back.

How to get to it? Walk up the Mall of the World, go under the underpass, cross the road and walk through the pedestrian area.  At the patisserie turn right down some laneways. Turn left just before the chinchilla store (!!?!!) and at the cat cafe turn right and meander a little bit more. With those directions - it should be on your left hand side. Alternatively, scroll down and have a look at the directions on their business card.... 

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