Sunday, October 25, 2015

China - week 15

A busy week this week, but a week full of fun and happiness care of a few hundred lanterns, flags and some giant marsupials. 

A lovely dinner with my turtle friend and a great evening with a new peep - anyone who embraces the option of a drink in a cat cafe with an enthusiastic yes has my vote as being a- okay (not to mention the wikipedia-ing of chinchillas to see if they were a workable pet option for me). 

The working week ended with me remotely attending a birthday party in Australia and then in real life... with a couple of great cocktails and an evening exploring my favourite area - little Japan. We ate dinner at a restaurant with limited choices but lots of laughs, free beer and hugs.

Then a weekend of a gallery opening, a dinner party and a haircut (during which I was kept company through the WeChat channel with my fellow bike gang member from Canberra). 

And this is where I now find myself. Sunday evening, having caught up with some parentals, one of the gypsy girls and the best person I know from Dubbo.  A bowl of homemade fresh noodles, a glass of French syrah, and a playlist that just jumped from the Saints to Lloyd Cole to Ratcat and that spectacular view. Insert happy emoticon.

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