Sunday, August 30, 2015

China - week 8

This week there were visitors from the South, but they didn't stay so long.  After that a mix up with calendars made way for a fun evening at party pier and meant I saw a different side of town. I love the old repurposed factory spaces - lots of concrete and geometric shapes.

Language class, then grocery shopping and cooking at home gave me some sense of routine, but really it's not quite there yet. An evening of table tennis, pizza and singing around the piano helped though. New friends, new laughs, new memories.

Writing now and thinking back, this was really a week of fun highs but some lows. I've started running again and felt on top of the world, like everything was falling into place - feeling strong and focussed on new opportunities. Also some random quiet moments of feeling contented and happy, you know...when you pinch yourself to see if it's all really real. But then there is all the other stuff that gets in the way from time to time, edging out the good things to the margins. But you know what? I'm edging those good things right back in.

But really, things are pretty good...though they could be better if there was LSR coffee downstairs. Just saying.

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