Sunday, August 23, 2015

China - week 7

So the visitors from the North departed and it was time to take a breathe. Walking to the office with the sun shining made for a nice change too - plus it only takes 3 songs from door to door (two TV On The Radio and one We Are Scientists to be precise).

The smell of fresh lilies throughout the house and nights watching the city come to light make this a special home. Plus all the hearts that made it from my suitcase to the wall. Language classes have resumed and following class there was an unintended Chinese Valentines dinner with a friend watching couples holding hands (and holding big bunches of flowers).

The week ended with a lunch up a very tall building with never ending grey skyscrapers dotting the landscape, followed by drinks and some terrible music (but good company). And now on Saturday night I'm lying in bed listening to music from below, which is no mean feat given I'm 21 floors bizarre.

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