Sunday, October 19, 2014


So you wouldn't believe it. When I turned up to the apartment it was opposite the Orpheum. Of all the places! Remember we drove all the way from Poland to Graz in one day to get to the Orpheum to see Ash? We drove through Slovakia as well and didn't stop. For anything. Then we got stuck in the Vienna traffic, and we ended up driving like maniacs - overtaking when we shouldn't and going really really fast. I remember we got into town so late, then ran all the way from the train station hotel to the Orpheum. I think we only missed the one song. Only you and I would do something like that*. Bloody idiots!

When I arrived this time, I remembered that drive through the woods in Poland with the speckled light filtering through the pine trees and the one lane highway through the entire country of Slovakia. And now tonight there is a band on and trucks out the front, exactly like the night we were here and from where I am sitting I can see where we stood in the driveway and talked to the band and got their autographs. So lame. 

And as I look right out of my window into the Orpheum courtyard I remember all of that, and for the first time in a long time I wish you were here. Because beyond everything else that's happened, you would still have my back on all this bullshit and that'd come in kind of handy right now.

So for company tonight I'm playing Ash on my tinny little laptop and writing. And I'm letting myself be a little bit sad, because I haven't had the chance to do that yet. And funnily that is making me feel better.

The crowd has now gone in to see whatever band is playing but I bet there isn't anyone there who crossed two countries and hundreds of kilometres to see the gig tonight. We totally earned that night.

*Actually, I'd still probably do something like that.

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