Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cafe De La Nouvelle Mairie

Is it bad to have a local when only staying somewhere for four or five days? 

Is it worse to daydream about living in an apartment across the road just because it is across the road from this cafe?

Is it even worse worse to speculate that you might meet your future ex husband at said cafe, looking chic in your paddington bear get up? (I know it is hard to imagine this looking chic but I say it is trés possible). He's the guy standing out the front of the Universal Studio offices across the road, by the way. The one on the bike with the jacket (not the guy talking on the phone looking like he is playing the harmonica). Just so we are all clear.

Is it even the total worst to regret you never made it there for dinner? Google this place and go. Every. Single. Day.*

*sometimes twice

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