Friday, October 17, 2014

24 hours of life that reminds me

Woke up to the sound of schoolchildren echoing from the cobblestone streets below.  Looking down from the third floor and it must have rained overnight, and then the church bells start ringing. 

I walk down to get a coffee through the farmers markets. Buy flowers then make my way down the river to the main square to meet under the clock. It turns out to be the sort of place where everyone meets everyone so makes for good people watching. We have breakfast at the top of the roof of the oldest most gorgeous store in town. They do jam jars with juice here too. From high up above there are views of the church domes as far as the eye can see. A dog sits outside on the terrace amidst other diners, in the middle of a square set of chairs with everyone sitting around him. I wish I got a better photo of that.

Get a tram and a bus to the apartment full of books and gorgeous old danish dining chairs and chandeliers. Such a shame they will be throwing all this out. I hope they save the piano and I would ship home the chairs....

Then a taxi to the krankenhaus where we take the stairs to the 5th stock (because we can't use the lift). Say hello but then have to leave to sit on the balcony. The town below with autumn leaves changing looks beautiful and it would be relaxing if not for the constant chatter and the noise of helicopters landing one after another. And loads of sirens. This can't be a good thing. 

We stay for a while as he sleeps and then she leaves and I stay a bit more. We talk about the war and how he could fix it and suddenly he curses the health Minister. I remind him that the health Minister isn't going to help him given he's in a country on the other side of the world. Yes he says.. and then forgets I was there yesterday but remembers I said late last night that I wanted to pick up a leberkase semmel on the way home. 

He gets tired again so I take a tram back the same way, snaking through the old town streets. I still don't get trams, they seem sort of pointless. 

I get off at the river and walk through the new old bit - the bit that has been refound. Modern art gallery, antique shops with barking dogs and designer cool. A reclaimed seconds store with stuff made by drug addicts and a dirndl with pink cows. I should have bought it but it never would have fit. The lady asked if I would wear it for real and I asked who wouldn't wear a green dress with pink cows and heart shaped button? Then I walk by the music school, housed in a baroque old building. Voices like angels make their way to the street.

Supermarkets are the best fun when away, and thirty minutes is spent looking at things not to buy. I bought the roses just because and some sleepy tea for my non sleeping friend and pickles for my dinner. I also laughed out loud at the butter section just because butter is butter. I did not buy the fresh pork scratchies.

In the evening as the church bells ring I walk back to the same square in which I started my morning. An aperol spritz even though the weather is cold enough to make me wear my paddington coat.  I sit and drink and look at the pretty flowers on my pretty table with pretty chairs with blankets draped around (just in case it gets colder). I answer emails and write letters. I chat to a lady about Australia and I inhale deeply the cigarette smoke from the man behind me. Sometimes passive smoking smells good. I take a phone call and talk in germenglish and then thank someone in Spanish. Clearly I'm confused but when I ask for the bill in local slang, the tattooed owner laughs.

It's getting dark so I walk home and open the windows wide. I can hear everything happening from the streets below and I bet they can hear me skyping the best person I know from Dubbo. 

The church bells ring again and I wait for Australia to wake up - just an hour to go. I listen to the Moon Song on repeat while drinking local wine out of a little tumbler. 

And there it is. A day far away, with so many people near. Goodnight, or good morning wherever you are, but wherever that is - it's near ❤

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