Tuesday, October 21, 2014


This restaurant was picked with a little research, but if I'm honest the deciding aspects were the opening hours (open on a Monday) and easy on the eye chef.  If we are going to eat at a Michelin star restaurant it may as well be one run by my future ex husband.

And how did that work out for us? Pretty damn well. Restrained dining room but not stuffy, with some of the best service I've ever had at a restaurant. And the food? Complex without being overly tricky. And refined yet contemporary. Have a look at the menu:

Cockles with picked "rovellons" - this tasted just like the sea.

Black pudding tatin with celery - robustness of the black pudding balanced by a light sorbet.

Octopus with trumpet mushroom and basil - my favourite. The most tender octopus known to man. I could have eaten seven courses just of this.

Pork chin with sea snails and chestnuts - tasty but I had to scroll to look at the photo to remember this one.

Fish of the day with 'scrambled chanterelles" - divine, that is all.

Pigeon with parfait and porcini - this was a little heavy at lunch and to be honest I could have done without. But that isn't the pigeons fault.

Selection of cheese - interesting range of cheeses as you'd expect given the menu.

Wasabi, lemon and apple - this was one of my favourites. Great palate cleanser but also interesting flavours and texture.

Shitake "xuixo" with toffee - umm burnt milk ice-cream?! Just incredible. If you are in Barcelona and want an indulgent lunch without the over earnest experience that often goes hand in hand with these things, try Hisop: www.hisop.net

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