Monday, August 12, 2013

Korean fried chicken in Canberra

So this post illustrates why these two have their own label on this blog. Of course there is a Korean fried chicken home delivery service in Canberra! Yes, I would love to come to dinner and eat said fried chicken. Oh and Christine has made dessert? Sold. 

I was a little sad not to have my camera with me as I imagined the chicken van pulling up at their apartment in Kingston. But alas - no delivery south side and rather Will and Christine drove to Civic for a rendezvous with a Korean man in a Nissan Pulsar*. Ten minutes later and it was on a table filled with kimchi, noodles and marinated tofu. Sweet  soy fried chicken and fried chicken traditional. Pretty fantastic and the best part goes to Canberra. I love how you still continue to surprise. Dessert was home made ice-cream of maltesers and also a scoop of peanut with peanut butter cups. You should whack that in a tub and drive around Canberra following the chicken van.

*Chicken van may not have been a Nissan Pulsar but I was not really listening to that part of the story because of all the fried chicken.

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