Saturday, August 10, 2013

10 Yards

10 Yards is everything you would want in a pop up restaurant and more. Yeah the space is a little loud, but the clever screening they've set up in the space makes the tables feel private and cosy. And Canberra's best front of house man is running the floor - the wonderful little Italian man you see EVERYWHERE. That guy has stamina! And charm....he is always so welcoming and has the knack of being friendly yet professional (and really anyone who calls me Bella with an Italian accent has a little piece of my heart).

Another thing I'm in love with - the Pankhurst sparkling wine. It was wonderful, kind of peachy. And the food? Outstanding. The braised smoked pork shoulder was just amazing. Tender and moist, it shredded under the light touch of a fork and melted in your mouth. Not so amazing was the cuttlefish with chickpeas. It was a plate of bitter onion and chickpea, and was the anomaly in an otherwise perfect dinner.

Next up was duck breast with quince, spiced cauliflower and quinoa. I have a rule where I don't eat former pets, but if someone else orders duck I'll eat it (in my mind and sometimes out loud I will then refer to it as chicken). So the chicken breast with quince was a nice elegant dish. Not too rich and well balanced with the quince sauce.

The grilled tuna with celeriac and braised radicchio (and pine nuts with raisins) was the most beautifully plated delight. And the mushrooms with artichokes, 63 degree egg, polenta and hazelnuts was my favourite dish of the night. Hazelnuts are getting a good run in Canberra restaurants of late - they seem to be the nut de-jour. Works for me!

Finally the dark chocolate and sour cherry semifredo with coconut mousse. Oh my. Just go try it. I want to go back tonight and tomorrow night and maybe the night after that. A lovely dinner spot to enjoy with good friends.

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