Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Barney

About fourteen years ago this little bundle of fluff was born and ended up in our lives. 'Our' became 'me and him' and through that time the bigger bundle of fluff kept me pretty much sane. We've lived in this yellow house together for maybe ten years, made the same friends along the way, shared our secrets and the odd icecream. We're a total team but he also sort of belongs to everyone that is part of this yellow house, it's weird but it is just like that.

I don't usually remember to do anything to celebrate this day, but this year the little dog has very much turned into an old man. Not a distinguished gentleman by any means (he still displays moments of crazy youth and frivolity) but for the most part he is a very subdued version of his former self. Given it did take 12 and a half years to grow out of puppydom, that seems only fair. But right now though...he looks young and cheeky. And happy. 

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