Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kobe - Japanland

Nobody goes to Kobe, but my friends, you need to get onto this place! Everything there is happy and fun!

Shopping - fun, unique and a surprise. I stumbled across a fantastic shopping area, complete with vintage stores, antiques and a fantastic boutique called Syrup

Beyond amazing shopping and food - you need to go to the bars. So many little teeny weeny cool bars. I so wanted to go into the first one. Just room for 8 or so people perched on stools. I didn't fit, plus I felt like I was interrupting!

It is kinda like being in Melbourne crossed with Tokyo, crossed with San Sebastian. Heaps of tapas bars, and french bars, but they lend themselves to a kinda kawaii Japanland way. After a sneaky cocktail at a tropical themed bar (where everyone was super friendly to me), I had dinner at an old school yakitori place - smokey and with a couple of local fellas  holding up one end of the bar. I drank the biggest Kirin in my life and crossed my fingers that I wouldn't wake up with food poisoning the next day. As if...it's JAPAN!

I don't think you can go wrong in Kobe. Just hang out around the Sannomiya area and meander. The cool shops I found are just off the bottom of Tor street, but the best part is you'll just accidently find them without even trying!

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