Thursday, March 8, 2012

Campbell House Penang

I think this is possibly the best place I have ever stayed. If you like 5 star but don't like the stuffiness that goes with it - Campbell House is for you. It's like a bunch of my friends got together and wrote a list of the best things you'd want out of a boutique hotel. Tastefully restored comfortable interior complete with mod cons like Ipod dock and espresso machine. 

Thoughtful gestures like organic bath products, home made iced tea and the room turned down for me each night while I was at dinner. Not only that, both nights a little after dinner treat was left in the fridge for me. Check out the vanilla panacotta!

And the owners - here is the best part. A generous welcome when I arrived early, tired and jet-lagged. Completely friendly but not forced (which is a tricky skill when you think about it), they'd check casually what my plans were, offering tips and suggestions. Born to run a boutique hotel - I felt like I was staying with friends of friends (who coincidently lived in the most beautiful house and who made the most wonderful breakfast). Also pretty snappy at making a good watermelon martini. I would go back to Penang just to stay at this hotel. Seriously.

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  1. Looks beautiful - I'll definately try to stay there if I get back to Penang! So glad you found somewhere nice. i love the bathroom - the tiles are gorgeous!