Saturday, March 10, 2012

48 hours in Penang in photos

Quick lunch to start - chicken rice and snuck in a chicken bun to boot, all sweet and light.

Then a walk in the sun to look at a million temples - but most of all to marvel at the beautiful pastel half broken buildings.

Then to Little India to listen to the wonderful music and to smell the street side stalls. All the families out shopping and eating and laughing. I love talking to the people who string the flower garlands - and I like getting ripped off buying a strings of jasmine. The beautiful sweet smell makes up for the extra charge for non locals.

Around the corner, the most amazing temple with birds to set free, and smoke and incense and noise and colour. And a snack of some roti in a world of laminex tables and vinyl chairs.

A spot of antique shopping in the afternoon, then dinner at Teksen with fresh lime drink...

Walk home at dusk, just before the light rain.

The next 24 hours start with sun and prayer flags and lanterns.

Then picked up a bike, weaving through the rickshaws and taxis and covering the same ground but on a bike so much more fun.  A wonderful Indian temple and a blessing followed by more riding.

Retreated while it rained, then a late lunch of Assam Laksa, and a friends clan house.

More walking and ducking in and out of alcoves to view more antiques. Lots of golden deer and bollywood slides. Cooler outside the shops, amongst the tiles. People drinking sugar cane in the afternoon sun.

Then a trip up to Penang Hill to enjoy the cool air and the views. The trip back down brought the sights of hijabs mixed with crocs.

Caught an afternoon parade, and then yum cha for dinner. When in Rome...more cocktails? Thank you.

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