Monday, February 27, 2012

Today it snowed

If I had to write a list of top 10 things, one of them would be snow. Not any snow...more the kind of snow that is the big soft snowflakes - the one that drifts softly through the sky in slow motion and makes the world stop and be quiet. That snow.

It snowed the whole walk to the train station, sticking to my hair and then melting while we laughed. It snowed the whole way on the train. First white flecks contrasting against the grey factories and industrial towns, then big snow showers blocking out the fields and then the white against bright blue roofs. At the end the snow was dusting the top of the mountains until the train swung into Kyoto town. Into the afternoon there were random flakes and it was cold, but it didn't matter because snow is fun.

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  1. love this - the trip sounds and looks so lovely!