Sunday, February 5, 2012

Benedict House

A little bit of country charm very close to our nations capital. A relaxing afternoon lunch in the courtyard at Benedict House, watching two silly dogs chasing shadows and little birdy building nests in the ground. That's how the nature rolls in Queanbeyan town. Lunch was corned beef and a glass of ginger beer - just like I'd have at my grandmothers if she was Australian I it turns out would be more like almdudler and schnitzel, but I'm using my imagination here. My gypsy friend ate a spinach filo thing and said it tasty, like something her mum would make and be proud of.

Inside the house there are rooms with bits of handmade stuff for sale - dare I say it is a little on the craft side, but you know, whatever floats your boat. I be going back one day to try the afternoon high tea.


  1. Nobody orders corned beef eating out...

  2. I never order it eating in, so it makes sense to order it out! Lynwood Cafe used to do AMAZING corned beef!