Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kyoto Flea Market - Hokoku Shrine

And yes, I bought a vintage kimono. I wore it tonight whilst swilling Verve from the bottle (well close, from a wine glass). I also bought more vinyl. I am stupid.


  1. PLEASE !!!
    I am French and travel once a year, since 2014, to Japan.
    Several years ago,
    i have been to Hokoku Jinja once, it was in 2006.
    I cannot succeed in finding WHEN this interesting flea market happens. Could you please be so kind and help me?
    with best regards
    Maryvonne Wetsch, Paris, France

  2. Hi Maryvonne

    When I was in Kyoto I telephone the tourist information centre to ask what markets were on. They have a list of all the flea markets, and there are good ones on all the time:
    JR Kyoto Station Building 9 F
    Telephone :

    Otherwise a good flea market is Toji held on 21st of each month and this wiki article talks about another held on 25th of each month. Hope that helps!ō-ji