Saturday, February 11, 2012

From little things big things grow

I often have a chain of thoughts that skip from one thought to the next, and the next.Last night was no different. I was thinking about how we are already in did that happen? And that led me to think about the 12th of February, and that's a birthday date for someone who used to be a big part of my life. The very second I had this thought a song came on. In the next moment I felt like I was winded. Such a terrible coincidence, and a hundred memories came flooding back. Like flashcards of images running through my head, one after the other accompanied by an incredible mix of disbelief and sadness. 

And then it all passed. Just like that. I kind of like that after all these years things are not forgotten, and I only write about them here - not to be sad, but to be honest.


  1. It's funny how our minds can go from thought to thought. The only time I think we really notice we're doing it is situations like this where something prompts us to remember an uncomfortable or sad memory. Uncomfortable mostly in my case. I was such a gawky kid and didn't like myself much at all. Lots of times in my past where I don't think I behaved well. Though we're probably all our harshest critics.

  2. That is true. I'm very guilty of laboring over a nothing situation, where I'm probably the only one paying it any attention!