Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Women on the 6th Floor

I'm going to start writing about every time I see a film. Why? Because I think I'm either getting stupider or forgetful, and I have (it appears) no ability to remember films I've seen, no matter how recent. I had to check back on my own blog to remind me of a film I saw only a few months ago*. Sadly I didn't write a post about it - so here is where we are right now. Writing a post about a movie so when I forget it in two months I can check my blog before driving myself mad.

So the movie - it's a nice film. Kinda freaked me out in bits. It's really about why you shouldn't judge but you can't help judging! It's a nice story though, and I hadn't read about it anywhere - so the date it was supposed to be set did keep me guessing for a while but if you know when Franco was around til, you'll figure it out. I'd recommend it if you want to see a happy, light film. Just don't go see it with your weird, overly attentive, aging boss.

*Even now I've forgotten the name again of that bloody movie (checking google...crazy stupid love! Great film btw) 

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