Friday, January 27, 2012

Shabooh Shoobah

So, here I am on a Friday night all geared up to do work on my Top 100 exhibition...drink poured, music on - and now for the irony.

I bought Shabooh Shoobah last week from the record man at Bus Depot Markets, and that's what I decided to put on. In the first 10 seconds I was taken back to I don't know how many years a teenager in the back of a car somewhere in Germany, driving back to a little town in the Austrian Alps. And I remembered. On that trip I had a tape - I think it must have been a mixed tape I'd made myself, and as soon as track two came on I was sitting in a car, driving on a highway, past flat and empty fields. 

I was probably wishing I was somewhere else, or maybe not. I would have been daydreaming, that much is for sure and I'd say I was wearing some sort of pastel coloured penguin shirt with matching plastic coloured bangles. The coolest kid on that German highway.


  1. Are you going to paint this? It's a great story. Although as I read it I thought it was going to be a repressed memory story and that something very bad was about to happen to you. Relieved that it ended with a pastel coloured penguin shirt.

  2. Isn't a pastel coloured penguin shirt bad enough? BTW it never even occurred to me to it, I haven't picked my song so maybe...