Thursday, January 12, 2012

China Doll

Guest review of China Doll Sydney. I did ask permission to post this and she was happy for me to. I love it and kinda wish more restaurant reviews were like this. I'm also really  envious that my mum went to this restaurant before I could:

We had ,Pork San chow bow ,Duck pancakes ,Grilled Asparagus with Black beans .B B Q butterflied Prawns ,Steamed Coral trout with Snow peas and Bok joy , Bandang Lamb Curry and Jasmine Rice. The Waitress asked if we were very hungry .She suggested to have a half portion of the Curry .She was right, we had plenty .Everything was just beautiful ,plenty of water and Bernie ordered a nice bottle of Chardonnay ,Len had some Sorbet and Bernie had a Chocolate pudding with drunken Cherries .I think he was a bit disappointed because it looked like The Custard I make.

China Doll Woolloomooloo Wharf, Sydney 

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