Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bike ride

Today I went for a bike ride in the fading afternoon sun. I went past the old railway, and down by the glassworks and through the park I try to avoid. The one with all the cherry blossoms. I followed the lake with the breeze at my back and took a turn to the right down the big avenue - the one with all the galleries and green canopy of trees. The rose gardens in the sun, and a left, and then all of a sudden back at that place we drove to one night. You said it was a party with friends of work friends and that I couldn't come. If I were honest with myself, on that night, there was a sinking feeling that all wasn't right. But I was stuck - damned if I did and damned if I didn't. 

For whatever reason, the rest of the ride was filled with different places - like where the car was parked over night when it should have been home, and the empty morning walks down Wentworth Avenue. Early Sunday mornings, just with the dog who couldn't understand why I was crying. Thank god for sunglasses.

None of it matters now, but its funny how all those places are always there, and I don't think or mind them - and they don't mind me. Except for today.

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