Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Max Cullen

I'm told by a reliable source that Max Cullen is quite the man about Gunning town. Thinking about it, I think he was in the store the day we visited. Here is one of his paintings for sale.

I love it because Rosalie Gascoigne is one of my favourite artists. Funny story about Rosalie...


  1. Does Max live round Gunning? I bet he is the man round town. God I have an embarrassing story about Rosalie Gascoigne; Having gone to school & was friends with his grandson - lovely boy, very smart - having dinner at his house proceeded to ask about a painting (obviously hers) in the dining room; imply that I did not feel it was art. I was like 14.
    They should have kicked me out on my precocious butt.
    & all this from a girl who at 15 would start 'explaining' Blue Poles to some stranger who made a similar comment whilst standing in front of it.

    Gunning seems cool.

  2. So what's the funny story? Rosalie Gascoigne is one of my favourite artists too. I can't remember what it was recently that I saw that reminded me of her work.

    brownhairblueribbon - what can I say but "whoops"? Just watched this evening a repeat of the episode of the Colbert Report which had a hilarious art theme to it. Including a rant that presented the banning of some piece of art from the Smithsonian by some Republican as an artistic manifesto about making the "inaccessible truly inaccessible" plus a segment getting various famous artists modifying a portrait of Colbert to justify its claim to be "art".

  3. I believe he does!

    It wasn't Charles was it? I met a Charles with that surname once and didn't ask if he was related but guessed. Funny if it is the same person!! I think that story is funny!

    Gunning is cool!

  4. yes yes Charles ! I bet I know how you met him.

    @blurk - love it! Makes me remember there was a Republican DA in New York who banned a statue of 'Justice' because she had her breasts on show or something. Different I know, but similar stupidity.

    I prefer my pretentious teenage stupidity!

  5. His grandson? Do you mean her grandson? or are you talking about Max?

    Rosalie Gascoigne didn't do paintings she did sculptures.

    Gunning is super cool, Really quite small and sleepy but lovable all the same.