Monday, January 31, 2011

Best in show

Honestly! I've seen the tv shows and movies about dog shows, but wasn't expecting this much fru fru in downtown Bungendore!

There were cases of makeup, hairspray, hair dryers and way too much fluffing of fur - people it was 35 degrees! The dog below was I think originally a poodle? It was hard to tell. The pugs were the best. About a dozen of them in a pen, just being happy little pugs. All racing around. a whirl of pug eyes and stumpy tails. I guess there isn't too much blow drying you can do to a pug.


  1. Sorry, I don't like pugs. Nor over-groomed poodles. Actually, not any dogs that require too much fussing. I like companions, not accessories. Barney is a good companion, as are our two. Can't go past the cuteness of a good companion.

  2. How about a pug crossed with a sausage dog?