Monday, January 3, 2011


Today I went for a drive with a fellow storm chaser. The Russian. We made our way through Gundaroo to Gunning. I think Gunning is great. The main street has some fantastic old buildings, a brilliant tiled pub and the ubiquitous traditional chinese restaurant.

The Old Hume cafe is apparently famous for its lamb burgers. Can confirm rightly so. There is also a gorgeous book shop that has paintings casually displayed on the floor. You know - the odd Max Cullen, and geez a $3000 Adam Cullen upstairs. And an antique shop filled with bits and bobs.

One day I'm going to go back for another lamb burger and maybe pick up that 1970's ice bucket from the antique store.


  1. Every time I drive down to visit I see those signs to Gunning and just wonder about the place, but never visit (well, we generally don't do side-trips; except recently to Clonakilla ;-)).

    And the other thing the those signs to Gunning remind me of is that Shriekback single: Gunning for the Buddha.

  2. Ha ha - I've never thought of that connection.No I will every time I see that dang sign. Gunning is fun. But Clonakilla is a better destination!

  3. I agree - Gunning is a great little town. Recommend you try to make it to one of their Market Days next time. It's not very big but I thought it had a nice feel to it - homemade jams, bric a brac, cake and plant stalls, the sizzle of sausages on the Lions Club BBQ.... but then again I have to admit I still enjoy a good school fete! Thought the BLT's at the Old Hume Cafe were pretty good too - huge serve though so better to think twice about that chocolate malt milkshake before hand!

  4. That sounds right up my ally! I LOVE market days. I might move to Gunning. Something right about a town that does an excellent BLT and chocolate milkshake.