Wednesday, August 26, 2009


When I went on my holiday (which seems like a world away) I bought a Frankie magazine to read on the plane. I opened it up, and who was in there? Taffy's friend Luke.

So I kept the magazine the entire trip - to show Taffy, but to also remind me to do the post on LUUK that I had planned months ago. Anyways the magazine was left in Thailand and that was that.

Until the other day...I was at the hairdressers and the magazine handed to me was that very same Frankie. A sign to finally do that (this) post.

Luke Chiswell is LUUK. He draws, screenprints and designs tshirts and launches them by throwing parties called 'drops'.

I first met Luke when Taffy invited him to my opening last year. His designs are refreshingly simple, graphic and not overworked. And they are clever and fun too. The thing I love most about what Luke does, is how he randomly displays his art. The photos above are from around Canberra town and the one below is in Sydney. Sometimes the work will be a huge screenprinted poster stuck to a commercial wall, and other times it is a small postcard - framed and stuck high on a wall amongst a group of shops. I love the wit and generosity in sharing his work. And once I knew they were around... I spot them everywhere. You will too now.

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  1. ah, very cool to get some background on those; i've seen them around often! :)