Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Charlie Virtue is going away

I'm going to miss Charlie Virtue. Here is a list of 10 things I'm going to miss (and not miss) when both Charlie and his gal leave for their big adventure.

1. I will miss Charlie V's stories...like the one about German Dom and the possum. I won't miss him telling that story 3 times in a row.

2. I will miss drinking sidecars with him. I won't miss how I felt the next day after drinking all those sidecars.

3. I will miss trips like the one to see the Flaming Lips in Sydney, and going to Bodega and Dank Street Depot. I will not miss being badgered into driving Charlie V and Taffy on other trips - like to the Dog on the Tuckerbox at 3am in the morning only to 'compromise' and end up doing something bad with a half dozen of eggs.

4. I will miss Operation Cloned Cat II, where it was a world of forts, firecrackers and fun. I won't miss him turning up at my house with Taffy (and an undisclosed third party) at 2.30am wearing masks and letting off fire crackers at my front door.

5. I will miss hearing about Charlie Virtue and Taffy's football games and who kicked goals (and who didn't). I won't miss convincing them not not to kick a solid bowl out of the balcony at the Medina apartment in Dank Street.

6. I will miss seeing Charlie V at trivia. I won't not miss his replacement.

7. I will miss going to Gorman House Markets on a Saturday, especially when Taffy says to me how much Charlie V looks like Jean Luc Godard. I won't miss Jean Luc Godard.

8. I will miss playing pocket trivial pursuit. I will not miss the rules changing just when it is my go.

9. I will miss driving Charlie home past the War Memorial because that is a pretty drive. I won't miss that huge truck outside Charlies house because it hasn't been there for a while anyways.

10. I will miss Pretak and the other dude. I won't miss Pretak and the other dude because they don't really exist.

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