Monday, November 21, 2016

Huangshan, what we did and how we did it (part 4 Yellow Mountain)

We had the driver from Xidi drive us to the base at Tangkou, and I'd read a lot of forums suggesting Tangkou as a base to stay. I'd say don't do it, it's a pretty bleak kind of town (no offence Tangkou-ans).  Other people suggest staying on the mountain.  Unless you are a dedicated mountaineer, or up for a cosy time with lots of tourist groups, again I'd suggest don't do. If you opt for a day trip, bring wet weather gear and lots of snacks. Oh and a fair bit of patience.

So the thing is, you get all the way to Tangkou and then from the bus station you then need to catch a bus to the cable car and it's a pretty long bus ride high up a hill. You have two choices about which cable car you take up the mountain but either way on return you end up at the same bus station (so in theory you can take one cable car up and the other down on return).  

We had a grand plan of going up one way and returning a different route.  We didn't count on progressively worse rain and lack of visibility mixed with abundance of stairs and tour groups. 

Look, I'm happy to have seen Yellow Mountain (Huangshan) but don't feel the need to do it again. Even with love locks and squirrels. 

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