Saturday, November 19, 2016

Huangshan, what we did and how we did it (part 1 Tunxi)

We caught the fast train from Guangzhou Sth to Huangshan, covering about 900 kms in seven hours. Snacks mandatory. 

The train arrives at a place called Tunxi, which is where we stayed the first night. It's a nice little touristy town with a great hotel - the Hui Boutique Hotel. A little hard to find, but wander down the alleyways and look confused and an old local will point you in the right direction. It helped that we spotted the hotel's labrador down the alleyway too. The hotel itself is beautiful - renovated lovingly with intricate woodwork and art on the walls. 

It's worth seeing Tunxi by both night and day. We took a walk down the old street and then went on a stroll by the river after dinner. By night lots of tourists out and about, but in the early morning a different story. Take the time to wander the old street and grab a coffee just before the tour groups start piling in. Then walk along the river bank and watch people going about their daily business - washing clothes, and vegetables and fishing nets. 

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