Monday, November 21, 2016

Huangshan, what we did and how we did it (part 2 Pigs Inn Xidi)

There are a couple of options when travelling to Huangshan - they are stay on the mountain or not stay on the mountain. We opted for the not, and setting on a 900 year old village called Xidi. Mainly because it seemed less touristy, but mostly because the place we were looking to stay had great reviews about their cooking.

So now I'm going to save you about 7 hours of work, and post the details for Pig's Inn Xidi, because unless you can read Chinese, these contact details are sketchy to come by. I eventually found the correct number (+86 138 5590 6765) via a trip advisor thread, so not impossible, but I think if you have Wechat, then that's the best way to make contact (pigs_inn). Email as it turns out didn't work for me (

We arranged for a driver to pick us up from Tunxi and the 45 minute drive was beautiful. We drove through fields of yellow filled with tea pickers with mountains looming in the distance. We arrived in the village (you need to pay for entry) and taken to Pigs Inn down a cobblestoned laneway.  And Pigs Inn is a glorious old village inn which has been repurposed into a guesthouse. Tastefully renovated to retain history but combined nicely with comfort. 

I can't recommend Pigs Inn and Xidi enough.  Sure it still has tourists but it also is a working village with farmland surrounding this ancient little town and I loved it.


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