Sunday, October 2, 2016

Kaiping - what we did and how we did it

It wouldn't be a true China experience if it didn't take around 4 hours to travel just a mere 140 kms...via quite possibly one of the most horrible toilets I've ever come across in years of travelling (in size and disgustingness). Let's just say the Happy Road Stop should be renamed as this was not a happy place for me or my sandals or my travel companions.

But Kaiping. We hired a van and a bunch of us made our way that 140 kms down the highway to the wonderful watch towers the Kaiping Diaolous. That's what they are actually called and you can read about them here.

We went straight to Zili village (Zilicun) and bought 150 RMB combination ticket to see both the buildings around Zili and entry to Li Garden (about 15 minutes up the road by car). 

We packed a picnic, much to the amusement of the locals - and spent about an hour wandering around the village. The buildings are a unique mishmash of all sorts of European architecture and it is interesting to see them with the massive powerless looming in the distance. 

Li Garden (Liyuan) is a lot more relaxed and a combination of beautiful buildings and stunning gardens. And quiet (mostly). 

Would also highly recommend leaving by around 4pm to beat the traffic. We got home in just under 3 hours.

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