Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday night sounds

There hasn't been much on this blog of late has there? Except for the odd dog photo. Things have been spiralling out of control and back again after a frustrating interesting few weeks.

A quick work trip to Shanghai meant some lovely hang time with familiar faces, and now this Friday night I eat cheese amongst a bench of chaos (think multiple lists, work documents, gin and an online grocery delivery), listening to a great playlist with a plan involving bedtime before 9pm. 

And after that grocery delivery person had left I said our loud how much I love it here. In China. I said "I love China". I'm not sure why I said it right then, but it was a timely reminder - sometimes life gets in the way and  you forget to realise what you like and also what YOU ARE like.  Sorry about the shouting.

And now, Sebadoh has come on the playlist, License to Confuse. Lou Barlow is singing to the beat of the changing neon lights across the way, I kid you not. And life is good.

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