Monday, May 4, 2015

Winner winner, chicken dinner

I don't think roast chicken has ever failed me. Doesn't matter what size bird, what type of oven - roast chicken always works like a charm. 

Just salt inside and out, jam a lemon in it's tummy, tuck some herbs up there too (usually rosemary and a bay leaf) then poke some butter under the skin (near the breast) with a few slivers of garlic and some softer herbs (think sage, thyme, basil or some parsley). Cook the crap out of it on high - around 200, and then after twenty minutes cook at around 170 for as long as it takes. In my oven usually another hour for a big bird*.

Let it rest, get it carved and enjoy with some lovely friends (this time parallelagram we are all wearing stripes peeps).

* Not Big Bird of the Sesame Street kind.

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