Saturday, May 2, 2015

Some Cafe - Collector

I'm still mourning the closure of Lynwood Cafe in Collector and having been disappointed by other food options on that drive North I'd ignored the Some Cafe signs for a couple of months. 

But on last Sunday's drive I decided that the font used on the sign was too good to be made by a cafe with bad coffee. And I was right. Some Cafe is like a little pop up cafe set up in a memorial hall. Tiny menu, good products (think t2 tea, A Baker bread) and a great place to stop if you want a break...or if you were running too late to stop for a coffee on the way. 

I'm not sure of their opening hours, but I guess if the signs are out it's worth a punt to take the detour at Collector. And what's the worse that can happen? If they aren't open you have a five minute drive through a scenic town, right past the grand old Lynwood Cafe - where you can daydream about their corned beef with mashed potatoes and fresh broad beans from the garden.


  1. some cafe re-opened yesterday in their new [permanent] home in the old collector store. very worth a drive out from canberra, it was. beautiful renovations matched by wonderful fare and service. check it back out, i rekkun...

  2. Thanks - will do next time I'm back in those parts. Much needed addition to the Canberra - Sydney drive.