Sunday, May 10, 2015

What’s the time Mr Wolf?

One of my procrastination tasks is to sort out my emails, which really just means I spend time reading and deleting really old emails. Like this one (based on a real life event).

Dear J, Dear B, and Dear A

Today I went for a walk in the early morning sun. The sky was full of pink clouds and dappled light.

Barney and I walked towards the bad oval, the one with all the leaves. There was a black little puppy scooting around, all clumsy and nice. As we walked towards the oval there was a horse sized dog. It was big and fluffy with a funny amble. It kept on walking towards us, and every time we would stop – he would stop. I felt like we were playing “What’s the time Mr Wolf” because when we moved I could see it creeping closer and closer.

Before we knew it, the big white dog was right next to us. I looked closely and he had a big scar under his eye. Then he bow wow wowed and said it’s DINNER TIME.

Barn Head and I had to run away. I drew a picture for you.

The end

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