Sunday, February 22, 2015

Wish You Were Here - Reykjavik, Iceland

The bay between the city and mountains in the background is vast although it may not appear this way, which is proof of just how monumental these mountains were. Some thought it strange that I was visiting Iceland in the Winter, and in the months preceding my departure I became accustom to some very strange looks when I enthusiastically told people of my upcoming travels. Many people felt compelled to me of how depressingly short the days would be, and how I should anticipate miserably dark and bitter weather, questioning my sanity for visiting at such a time. 

What you can see through the window is a typical sunrise in the Icelandic wintertime. Despite only having "daylight" for about 5 hours a day, it was entirely worth it, simply because the daytime sun offerings were either spectacularly at "sunrise" or "sunset". Each of these phases melted into one another, in a display of delicate pink, purple and blue hues that changed minute by minute. To me, the picture speaks for itself, and needless to say, the critics at home could not have been more wrong. At no moment in my wonderful trip did I feel an ounce of deprivation, regret or negative thought when this the daytime view that Iceland provided me.


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