Monday, February 9, 2015

Wish You Were Here - Around The World In Thirty Days

I'm going to be exhibiting at RAW (a showcase of artists in Canberra) a series called 'Wish You Were Here - Around The World In Thirty Days' - a bunch of artworks based on other peoples holidays.

It might be your favourite childhood holiday memory, a special place that is near to your heart, or the city you found true love. Tell me your place and a postcard length story behind it, and for the next thirty days I'm going to create a series of artwork of places all around the globe. You can even send me a photo of your place if you'd like.

Email me at

Want to come to the event? I'd love to see you, but you'll need to buy a ticket! Please select me as the artist you are supporting, because I have 20 tickets to sell:

You can still join in, even if you aren't in Canberra because I'll be posting all of this to the blog. Follow along on this blog at: (or click on the link just to the right of this page)

You can also check out my profile on RAW: