Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hotel Hotel - Monster

Monster made the Gourmet Traveller top 100 restaurants list which is pretty bloody good. I've only eaten there once, but will be going again tomorrow night, so I'm glad I booked nice and early.  The space fills the lobby of Hotel Hotel and was buzzing on the Wednesday night I was there. Yes Wednesday night and heaving. Packed. No free tables. People, this is Canberra and not that common, so clearly everyone was already firmly on this bandwagon. After this list business it's going to be impossible!

But good news for Sean McConnell, who's also runs Mocan and Green Grout, and way back yonder worked at Silo too. Turns out his bother runs Cumulus Inc in Melbourne and his other brother runs one of my favourite food destinations in Melbourne town - Bar Lourinhã. I'd like to be invited to their family Christmas please.

So back to the Wednesday night of a few weeks ago. 

Even without a proper table the seating was great (by the fire on a lounge). Good cocktails, great menu of shared snacks and just interesting. Oh and the yabbie jaffle. Would it be wrong to eat one every day of the week? Don't answer that and I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow night.

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