Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

So far 2014 hasn't been the best year for me - it hasn't been the worst but it is probably best described as the year of extremes. Actually, I take that back. It has been pretty shit. 

So I decided that 1 August was to be the start of my new year. And then I promptly forgot all about it until the most thoughtful person I know in the entire world sent me a text saying 'New Years Eve...!'

New years eve was pretty low key but just the way I like it and involved a lovely dinner at the yellow house with an old friend. Good company, good food and good wine. Then a virtual catch up interrupted by the most beautiful baby in the middle east - lots of listening and shared stories and laughs and plans and a terrible Britney Spears song.  

Another uneasy sleep has meant that I woke up feeling hung over - but I guess that fits in with the new years thing? But a cup of tea in front of the heater and a slow start to the work day, makes things a little better in this world. And what else makes things better? To think, when all is said and done, while 2014 was pretty crap, one thing is for sure... It's the people who love you and care about you through all the bad that make life good. I have a lot of those and for that I'm a lucky gal. 

I'm not sure what this new new year will bring, but I hope some day soon it brings the good stuff that came with 2014. Like the menagerie of animals both mythical and real, the music, the laughs and speckled hearts. I hope there is lots of drawing, tea drinking, dog walking (some nordic walking too), sweet spring flowers and fun. 

Happy New Year.