Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Luminous World

Luminous World is a selection of contemporary art from the Westfarmers Collection now showing at the National Library of Australia. The theme of the exhibition is light and this is the one thread of commonality amongst the selection of paintings, photographs and objects. 

This is one of the better curated exhibitions I have seen in a long time - the works are diverse in style and medium but as a group they flow and even compliment each other in their arrangement. 

I think I'll be revisiting this exhibition about once a week until it closes in June, even just to look at the Rosalie Gascoigne and its beautiful reflective assembled text. And while I'm there I might secretly daydream that I'd moved to Canberra a few years before I did, and somehow made friends with Rosalie. I would pick her up in the car after lunch and we would spend afternoons foraging for found objects on the outskirts of town, drinking tea from a thermos while she planned ambitious works of art. I would tell her about the work I made for some exhibition in Sydney (which exhibition? I don't even remember now). It had polaroids of floral linoleum from my first red brick Canberra home, wax encaustic and dusty pink roses...and some words written about her - that part of the daydream is actually true.

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