Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Little old dog with the big heart

Arriving home today to your little dog smile, melts my stupid heart. I spend a lot of time lately thinking about you and while mostly you've changed...every now and then my cheeky, happy, neurotic dog reappears. The one who busts into the bathroom to check on me in the shower (your head pushing the curtain to the side),the one who impolitely taps when he wants attention, the one who licks my tears away (yep that's you right now). 

We've been through a lot together, you and I - more than anyone will ever know. I can't imagine you not being here but if I were honest you haven't been here for a while, there have only been little glimpses of you.

Tonight as I scroll through old photos I think about the day I picked you. The cheeky, loud, naughty one of the pack. You barked all the way home and there started our life of you being you - a bit naughty, too clever, very handsome, intensely loyal and loving of your people. I would pick you over anything and I hope you know that, as much as dogs can know these things. Xx

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