Monday, April 28, 2014

48 hours of favourite things

Seeing the new puppy, girl catch ups, dinner with friends (even when crashed by Canberra punk boys), farmers markets, coffee, fresh apples, ice-cream for second breakfast, watching dog shows (and men wearing dog jumpers), second hand shopping, polka albums, picking roses for inside, quiet times with the dog, wine at lunch, coffee and cake, making up cocktails, riding bikes into the wind, seeing rosalie gascoigne, vapour trails, spying girls on roller-skates, marvelling as the clouds rolls in, drinking german beer, drinking belgium beer out of big glasses, watching football teams win, losing at pool, listening to bad jukebox music, espresso martinis, watching the crowd, james brown, sharing stories, feeling like me, malteaser easter rabbits, drinking tea, seeing foxes, staycation hair, listening to go team, bread freshly made, bacon and eggs, golf, shandies, winning at galaga, losing at galaga, buying treats for the dog, bike riding as day turns to night, dukkha with bread, rusty nails, more bacon for dinner, watching scary movies, micro sleeps and just doing exactly what I want to do.

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