Saturday, April 20, 2013


My mum made this a lot throughout my childhood and still makes it from time to time. I have memories of sitting on our balcony, overlooking the suburbs and eating gitterkuchen for afternoon tea. A very Austrian thing to do in a Northern Beaches setting of bright blue sky, hot summer sun and rainbow lorikeets swooping between the houses.  

I thought this would be a great thing to make as part of my contribution to Harmony Day, which was held in March....which feels like a million lifetimes ago! 

Even though I'm late posting this - I always forget the recipe so wanted to jot it down so that the next time I make it, I'm not making it up. Please note though, the following is actually made up.

About 600 grams flour and a teaspoon of baking powder
300 grams icing sugar
300 grams butter
Some vanilla if you have it
About 3 tablespoons milk
Any type of jam (though plum and apricot works best)

Mix all the ingredients (except the jam) to form a dough. Add milk if it is all too dry.
Roll dough and place on baking tray (keep some dough for lattice). The dough should be just over a centimetre thick.

Spread jam onto dough and then roll out remainder of dough to make lattice.

Criss cross it so it looks pretty and then if you can be bothered glaze with an egg wash (I didn't). Put in an oven at just under 180 degrees and bake for about 40 minutes (check at the half hour point if your oven cooks like a demon).

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