Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bye Bye Olive

Heard news today that my oldest friend passed away on Sunday. Not old as in the one I've known the oldest - but old in an old way. This isn't so sad because I think 93 is pretty good, don't you think? She got to spend her whole life in her little house and for that I'm glad. 

I'll always remember her pretty pink nail polish and her gentle gruff way. Our trips out for coffee which would make her smile. And before we became friends, the random sneaky bits of chop tossed over the back fence for the barky Barney dog. 

I'm told she wants to be buried in her pyjama's which I think is probably pretty sensible. You want to be comfortable for these occasions. And also her lilac dressing gown. And slippers. Bless.

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