Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tembi town

Yep - still posting about a one week holiday two weeks later...listen I crammed a lot into that one week! My favourite part was the little village we stayed at, outside of Yogyakarta - Tembi. The best way to see Tembi? Pushbike.

There is something about riding a bike on holiday. It kind of epitomises freedom and adventure, the wind in you hair and all that. And riding through the villages, everyone was so happy to see us - hello's from everyone. And you get to notice the detail and how people live their lives. Washing hung, kids football game, talking to neighbours, working, shopping. We saw rice being harvested, rice being dried, rice being eaten by naughty chickens and ducks.  And I loved all the pretty is a bit like gated communities - you ride down a busy road, turn a corner and turn again (under one of those archway signs) and bang - you're in another world. A world without traffic or noise, with children playing and old men shooting the breeze. Indonesia at its finest. 

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