Sunday, February 24, 2013


I've written about my ability to fall in and out of crush on this before. I'm hopeless at it! We all remember the Belgian don't we? I can't be bothered to check if I've told you all that story....but let's just say that was one long misplaced crush. Sigh.

This week alone has brought with it several crushes.
Hello handsome bearded man. I may have just caught your eye in a fleeting moment and with that alone it seems you're 'it'. I may know absolutely nothing about you, but my crushtastic daydreaming has invented you into the perfect potential future Mr Yellowhouseintheu.

The Internet isn't safe either... hello friend of a friend on Facebook. Don't know a thing about you either, (though granted somewhat more than mystery beard man) but you're kind of cute and from a quick glance at this social media gold mine we have *so much in common*.

I already have a crush on the French owner of the restaurant I'm visiting today. I haven't personally heard him speak, though the impression of him that my friend performed is enough to have me daydreaming about a future restaurant life in a quaint country town (with yearly jaunts back to France to visit my new relatives).

The other day someone described me as a romantic...hopeless romantic? Or just plain hopeless. You don't need to answer that.

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