Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Definition of resilience

So, here I am on an island with not too much to do. What's that you say? A trek through the jungle? Not a problem ( please note this statement is faulty).

I soon realise this trek is actually a steep mountain climb. After rain. Wearing keds. These are the immediate problems.

Next problem, it starts to rain. Nothing inspires quick jungle trekking than impending monsoonal rain, combined with already unwalkable track.(At this point I am aware that most sane people would have in fact retreated).

The last bit, well it was so steep I wondered how I would get back down...but you know what? I could just see the light through the canopy and I was so, so close, there was no giving up now.

Was the view worth it? I would have to say no. I was so terrified about getting down ( mixed with nauseous from my quick incline) that I did not really savour the moment.

How did I get down the steep bits?

I slid down them on my bottom. There were times were I though I would scadoo off an abyss. But I didn't cry ( even as the rain got heavier), I didn't swear ( even when my knees started aching) and I didn't give up ( ok I didn't really have a choice on that one).

Holiday rating? 2/10.


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  1. Well, the view does look magnificent. So maybe your dedicated readership can enjoy your efforts on your behalf.